From the recording Little Buffalo

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Traveling Light:

maybe you carry that load, maybe you punch that clock, day after day
but when that clock starts punching back, it’s time to get away
I'm gonna drive, until I'm out of sight
and if it looks like my wheels don't touch the ground
I'm just traveling light

'cause everything's alright, alright , alright, etc...
when I'm traveling light

when you can’t get off, ‘cause that same old road, keeps on circling back
maybe you’ve gotta lose your way, before you get it all back on track
baby your bags are packed, maybe you’re ready to leave tonight
maybe you’ll leave 'em, I don't believe you’ll need 'em
when you’re traveling light

everything's alright, alright, alright, etc...
when you’re traveling light

sometimes you push, sometimes you pull
sometimes you've just gotta let it go
don't lean forward, don't look back
you ain’t that far from where you're at

I think I’ll stop, I’m gonna catch my breath and take in the view
it's so easy to forget to remember that we're only passing through
and if it seems like time don’t matter maybe it don’t, except when it’s time to go
so if it looks like I'm staying, I'm just moving slow

everything's alright, alright, alright, etc...

© 2015 Eric Burkhart