(L-R: John Prichard, James Percy, Eric Burkhart, Steve Epstein, Alan Novidor)


LB's current performing lineup includes:  


Eric Burkhart - guitars, vocals  

Steve Epstein - pedal steel, guitar  

Guy Lento - live sound mixing  

Alan Novidor - bass 

James Percy - drums, percussion 

Melissa Phillips - vocals (when she can!)

John Prichard - keyboards, vocals

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Little Buffalo is the ongoing musical powwow between songwriter Eric Burkhart and a stable of talented players, singers and creative collaborators. 

Little Buffalo's songs come from a lifetime of hearing American music in it's many incarnations ........ Imagine original tunes that fall somewhere between country, acoustic rock, folk and blues, with a nod to the sounds of Tulsa, New Orleans and Funky Kingston, and you'll be somewhere in the neighborhood. Some might call it Americana .... we call it Little Buffalo. 

LB has finished a debut album and is busy recording new songs, making videos, and gigging around the local music scene. 

Thank you for checking out the music, and

L-R: John, James, Eric, Alan, Steve

L-R: John, James, Eric, Alan, Steve