"Little Buffalo plays Rhythm & Country and funky acoustic Rock & Roll, with a whole lotta laid-back, swampy Americana soul!" - Reverb Nation

About LB…..


Little Buffalo is: songwriter and bandleader Eric Burkhart, audio engineer Guy Lento, and the fabulous and talented David Wilbur on all things art-wise. 

Eric Burkhart - songs, guitars, vocals

Eric Burkhart is a fourth-generation SF Bay Area native, born in San Jose, CA and currently living in the S.F. bay area. He absorbed many styles of music and culture growing up, including seminal artists that shaped both his songwriting and the sounds of Little Buffalo -  J.J. Cale, Mark Knopfler, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Merle Haggard, Bob Marley, Gram Parsons, John Prine, Waylon Jennings, David Lindley & El Rayo X, Sergio Leone, Mad Magazine, Monty Python, and the Three Stooges, to name a few.

E.B.’s musical education began as he listened to his mother whistling while she worked in and around the family house, and when he inherited an AM radio from his aunt and uncle, it opened-up a whole new world of music to him. His first musical dream was to play drums (thank you, Ringo!), so he started by banging on pots and pans, the dinner table, and (when his parents weren’t looking) his younger brother’s skull. He started playing snare in a drum corps at age 7, with the added bonus of wearing the required cowboy outfit as they marched. 

A few years later, he took up saxophone, as it was the only available instrument in the school band (cheers to Cannonball Adderley!), and towards the end of his high school years, he picked up guitar and drums (the whole kit this time!). 

It was during his high school years, at the suggestion of a bandmate, that EB started writing songs that he could actually manage to sing using his somewhat limited baritone (one octave range, maybe?) vocals. 

Although he has played in and around the Bay Area for many years, it wasn't until the creation of Little Buffalo that he began to find the "sound" he'd been looking for: music that has a strong rhythmic center, is soaked in killer riffs, and uses melody, harmony and lyrics to evoke wide-open spaces and a laid-back attitude.

After winning his first song-writing contest (through an East Coast radio station WWUH - Hartford, CT) in 2000, his desire to turn his newly acquired home basement into a recording/rehearsal space became top priority. He eventually wrote, recorded, mixed and released his debut album as Little Buffalo (along with his musical partner, audio engineer Guy Lento - see “About”) in 2016, and has been rehearsing and performing locally since then with a stable of talented bandmates and players. 

He is currently writing and recording new material and figuring out what LB's next moves will be… Stay tuned!


Guy Lento - audio engineering

Guy grew up in the NYC area. He got his first tape recorder (3" reels) as a Christmas present at the age of 10 and started recording songs off Top-40 radio and producing short radio shows with friends. In high school, he started recording songwriting friends and eventually built a bass guitar, amp, and pa system and started a band with a couple of friends that lasted through high school, college, and a couple of years after, all the while learning more about the recording process. That band played mostly original material and played the usual junior-high school dances, Elks clubs, finally graduating to bigger clubs like CBGB, Max's Kansas City, The Showplace in Dover, NJ, and Eddie's Rock Lounge, home of the Disco Lunch. 

Guy built a home studio based around a Tascam 4-track cassette deck and some home-built processing gear and started recording musical friends as well as original songs. This grew into go-fering at a local professional studio, and then a full-time job in a state-of-the-art pro studio in Times Square, NYC, and then another, until he got tired of the advertising clients and "personalities" in NY and moved to the Bay Area when he had the chance in 1990. 

In Berkeley, he got a job at Fantasy Records Studio doing studio maintenance and he eventually rose through the ranks to become chief engineer by 1997. He left Fantasy in 2007 after it had been sold and took a job running the recording studio at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. He rebuilt and expanded the studio there and engineered for more than 600 student projects until retiring in 2019.


It was at DVC that he met Eric Burkhart who had volunteered to be a guinea pig for the recording class. Guy and Eric immediately clicked as friends and co-conspirators and he helped upgrade Eric's studio and started working with him as an engineer on what became Little Buffalo. Their creative relationship continues to this day, (thanks to the Internet!) even though Guy now lives in Wilmington, Delaware. Currently they're working on Little Buffalo's second album as well as a solo record by Eric.


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