From the recording Little Buffalo

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Time Will Always Win:

Wake up stop dreaming, your alarm clock is screaming, another day has begun
but it takes a minute to get back in it, to get what's going on
you rub your eyes, you rub the dreams right out of your memory
don't it seem like the more you open your eyes, the less you want to see

so you hit the floor moving and you never stop
you've got your mind on track like a train but you can't get off
and you don't have to struggle ‘cause it's all routine
but if life is just moments you're living in between
all the time

time will always win
time and time again
in this world you're living in
time will always win
now another day's over and you're back in your bed
where you can close your eyes and dream all about all the things that you wish that you'd said
do you keep them all buried inside where nobody knows
where no one can touch you, nothing can hurt you and nothing ever grows

do you call them all crazy ‘cause they have no plans
and when they show how they feel just because they can
how long have you waited for a dream to come true
all the while living just to have something to do
with time

© 2015 Eric Burkhart