From the recording Little Buffalo

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No One Lives Here:

if this house could tell it’s stories, every board would start to moan and creak
there’d be dreams buried in the garden, there’d be tears in every leak
now this house is never empty, it’s full of memories that pace the floor
and the nights are long and lonely

because no one lives
no one lives here
nobody lives here anymore

this town is always running, and it’s heart is hard and cold
in the shadows hide the feelings, from every story that was never told
always chasing, always driving, always scheming and keeping score
never living, only surviving, because


there’s a crowd of strangers, full of hunger, not for food… they want something else
they filled a hole, but now it’s gone empty, it’s everybody for themselves
and somewhere in this world, there runs a shadow, it’s getting harder to ignore
you can light a candle, but who’s gonna see it, because
nobody lives here anymore

we live and die, we struggle to let go
as the days go by, did you love somebody
did you let somebody touch your soul?

my heart was once wide open, and my head was happy just to learn
and my spirit was not yet broken, and my days they’d slowly turn
but now my head can’t find the meaning, that my soul is starving for
and my heart, it keeps on beating, but


© 2016 Eric Burkhart