From the recording Little Buffalo

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Learning to Fly:

you’re wearing your smile for protection
that’s got to be lonely for you
look into my eyes and you can see yourself
from a different point of view
maybe you’ll see my confusion about what you’re trying to say
one minute, you want to get closer
the next one you’re telling me, “get out of my way!”
but don’t go thinking you scare me
when you see me trying to hide
because I’m only trying to get back to the place
where my heart is open wide
sometimes, I feel like I’m dying
I guess that means I’m alive
sometimes, if it looks like I’m falling
I’m just learning to fly

I wake up, and I worry
nighttime comes, I can’t sleep
I get nowhere when I hurry
when there’s nothing under my feet
I follow a trail of desire
I’m tracking the promise of love
I’m looking for you, alone in a world I used to be part of
we’ve got a wall of excuses between us
there ain't that much holding me here
but leaving you don’t scare me half as much
as living in fear


© 2015 Eric Burkhart