1. Higher Ground

From the recording Little Buffalo

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Higher Ground:

this ship is sinking, baby
we're going down
we keep on looking to blame one another
we could be looking, looking for some higher ground

you don't give up easy, and you don't see me giving in
this won't be the first time we say, "here we go again"
we're going 'round in circles, we think we know what for
we're making love, we're making money, but we always want some more

this train is leaving, baby
it ain't slowing down
we're both standing here, knowing we've missed it
we could be standing
standing on some higher ground

some people fall down, but they get back up
some, they just fall apart, they're never getting enough
some, they're going downhill, nothing can be done
some, they let go of the wheel, I bet they're having fun

this world is spinning, baby
it's going 'round and 'round
we take whatever we can from each other
c'mon, take me, take me to some higher ground

© 2015 Eric Burkhart